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Dazed release ‘shoppable videos’ styled by Kit Neale and Charlie Casely-Hayford

Posted on 18th November, by Colin Chapman in Casely-Hayford, Film and fashion, menswear. No Comments

Just released are these ‘shoppable videos’ styled by Sharpened Lead favourites Kit Neale and Charlie Casely-Hayford produced in collaboration with Dazed and Confused magazine and featuring clothing by Italian menswear brand Antony Morato.

I’m quite blown away by the technology (provided by wireWax) – the next logical step on from those shoppable tabloid stories, but applied to the visions of of Kit and Charlie, actually something quite beautiful. Film is definitely evolving as an obvious vehicle for fashion stories, not only is … Read More »

NYC menswear boutique posts #1: Surface to Air

Posted on 17th September, by Colin Chapman in Blazers, Film and fashion, Lable Profile, menswear, Menswear icons, New York, T Shirts. 1 Comment

On my first visit to the new Surface to Air boutique during #FNO, a Kanye-esque hip-hop crew turned up complete with double-decker bus sized security guards and gold-plated credit cards to burn. It wasn’t the most conducive atmosphere to shop, though the spectacle was entertaining. I tend to be lukewarm about jeans brands, as they take up so much fashion space with little creativity to show for it. But I’m prepared to give Surface to Air the benefit, after all, the French label used to be a mainstay of my beloved and much missed BBlessing, the LES store that could claim to be my favourite menswear shop in the world. Minimal, savvy and with a dark edge, Surface to Air were a perfect label for BBlessing, a tiny shop that totally celebrated the dark side of Gotham City.

I’ll be your mirror: Bill Cunningham New York

Posted on 13th September, by Colin Chapman in Film and fashion, New York. No Comments

There have been times on this trip when I’ve had a sense of New York being an illusion, a dream from which eventually I will have to wake up. Something about the architecture, the attitude of the people living in this charmed place, the endless possibilities crammed into every block. In a taxi heading over the Williamsburg bridge the other night, the glittering towers of the city spread out before me, I had a sense of New York being a character, anthropmorphised as ‘someone’ you can get to know.

The film Bill Cunningham New York which we saw last night is one of the ways in which the character of the city can be understood. If you care about fashion, and if you’re reading this I imagine you do, I cannot recommend the film enough. An ego-less Zen-like character, Cunningham has been photographing what people wear in New York, and annually in Paris, since the 1940s. Living in a decrepid Crisp-like single room in Carnegie Hall, Cunningham sets out every day on bicycle, clad in an iconic blue workwear jacket, to capture what people are wearing on the streets, whatever the weather. This film has so much resonance for fashion blogging as a pursuit, although he is very much part of the establishment in some respects, on first name terms with the likes of Anna Wintour, Cunningham remains outside of the system to a great extent, his passion is to capture beauty, not the pursuit of wealth or status. Unspoken cameos by Mordechai Rubenstein and Scott Schuman set the film directly in the context of how fashion is currently consumed and communicated in our complex, connected media world, though Cunningham’s New York Times column remains central.

Film & fashion: Insouciant, moi? Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine

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I like to think I helped popularise use of the word ‘insouciant’. In fashion circles, at least. I picked it up from my interest and studies in film history, where it has typically been used to describe the kind of ‘not acting whilst acting’ of such slouching, shrugging male archetypes as James Dean. I don’t think it was used much in fashion before a couple of years ago, but as with many things, a retweet here, a blogpost or comment there and ‘insouciance’ is everywhere. The word is now mostly in the bargain bin marked, ‘overused’, yet marked for a future revival.

Yet, whilst watching Blue Valentine last night, the startling indie movie now nominated for 2 Oscars, there are few words that could better describe Ryan Gosling’s visual appeal as  bluecollar antihero Dean. … Read More »

Tetro: beyond time in Buenos Aires

Posted on 26th June, by Colin Chapman in Film and fashion, menswear. No Comments

Yesterday I went to see Francis Ford Coppola’s Tetro, a moody, largely black and white film set in Buenos Aires. Its been released here to lukewarm reviews with the usual suggestions of ‘flawed brilliance’ that directors of long-ago iconic movies generally face. Personally I loved it as it brought back memories of Rumblefish, another black and white movie by Coppola, that also has family relationships between men at its core.

From a fashion perspective it’s not a menswear epic but there are enough details to keep fashion eyes focused. Little-known though vaguely recognisable (to me) Alden Ehrenreich arrives wearing fetching sailor whites (though, comically, it turns out he’s actually a waiter on a cruise ship!) and is probably the style focus of the film. Crisp white underwear, a nice vintage watch and a notable … Read More »

I Am Love – Tilda’s film defines the colours of summer

Posted on 11th April, by Colin Chapman in Androgeny, Film and fashion. 4 Comments

I saw I Am Love at one of it’s first screenings in the UK on Friday. And was literally blown away, so much so that Dalston actually looked inspiring on the walk home. Looking at stills from the movie sends a shiver up my spine. I’ve long been a fan of Miss Swinton, though at times I find her icy hauteur equally terrifying and beautiful. Not so here, where inner fragility is clear, although there’s also a strength of character that makes her Russian trophy wife a compelling heroine. Visually the film is stunning: acid bright colours dazzle (Swinton has described it as ‘Visconti on acid’), whilst the contrasting environments of sunny Liguria and a snow-bound Milan are celebrated and uncovered. Yellow predominates, from Tilda’s fabulous egg-yolk hair colour through shades of jonquil and chartreuse and … Read More »


Posted on 3rd November, by Colin Chapman in Film and fashion. 5 Comments

As ever, the moving image is a source of fashion inspiration. And as the past continues to keep us furled in its kid-gloved fist, there’s a steady stream of period inspired visuals to feed our interest.

First up is Tom Ford‘s A Single Man which I saw at the London Film Festival a couple of weeks ago. Predictably gorgeous to look at, from the mid-century interiors in California valley homes to the fashion styling, it also manages to affect and engage emotionally. Of course, starting out with a Christopher Isherwood story means working with the very best quality of raw materials.

Of particular note is an outfit worn by Nicholas Hoult (of Skins fame). An off-white mohair sweater with slash neckline over a Tattersal check shirt (one of my favourites) and WHITE jeans. Given the 50’s setting, there was … Read More »

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