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Limited edition Sharpened Lead T-shirts available: Be it like mad

Posted on 18th September, by Colin Chapman in Fashion blogging, menswear day, Menswear icons, New York, T Shirts. No Comments

I’ve had some Sharpened Lead T-shirts made up as a little celebration of Fashion weeks in NYC and London. T-shirts have already found their way to good homes in New York (some favourite designers, blogging friends and fashion editors) and now it’s London’s turn in prep for Wednesday’s Menswear day.

The T-shirt is screenprinted on a high-quality unbleached cotton by the lovely White Duck Screenprint people in Bath. The image is one I’ve licensed especially for this limited run of T-shirts, featuring a line drawing of Quentin Crisp, a personal idol of mine. The motto reads: “You first have to find out who you are, then be it like mad”, a saying that I’ve taken very much to heart in recent years and very much sums up my attitude to fashion.

There are still some available, so if you’re interested do drop me a line They will retail for £35.00 +P&P. Only size SMALL available.

Some images of the magical screenprinting process follow:

Bande à part: looking back on a summer trend

Posted on 17th September, by Colin Chapman in Fashion blogging, Menswear pick, Street trends. 2 Comments

I’m aware of what some menswear bloggers think of the whole wrist stacking thing, and whilst I didn’t want to relive high school days either, I liked the summery informality of it. When else might you tie a bit of string round your wrist and it somehow feel significant? I avoided the real summer island tat and instead sent off for a rugged, nautical rope bracelet by American accessories designer Matt Singer. Starting out a dense black, the bracelet apparently fades to a pale blue, like well-worn denim though perhaps it says a lot about the English summer that mine still looks pretty black. The US tradition is to cut off the bracelet on the first day of school, though I’m still far too attached to mine to do that just yet, and a bit of fading would be nice.

New York Report II: Fashion’s Night Out 10 Sept 2010

Posted on 11th September, by Colin Chapman in Fashion blogging, menswear, New York. No Comments

New York was crazy last night! Even if you chose to stay in your hotel room and live vicariously through the Twitter/blogger spheres (which my exhausted feet tell me I didn’t) the sheer range of events and the numbers of people involved would be truly staggering. From Iggy Pop on stage at the POP (geddit?) party at Don Hill’s, to Karen Elson at Balenciaga to the roadblocked Opening Ceremony French-themed fleamarket at the Ace hotel and various downtown block parties, Manhattan was gridlocked with fashion people schlepping from hotspot to hotspot across the island.

Outside the Ace hotel, Opening Ceremony

My personal experience was a mix of hits and misses: next year I will come much more prepared with a strict schedule that doesn’t rely so much on scarce taxis.

Highlight for me was the Opening Ceremony event at the … Read More »

New York Report I: Evolving influence, the IFB conference

Posted on 11th September, by Colin Chapman in Fashion blogging. No Comments

A few initial thoughts about the IFB conference, Evolving Influence which was one of the reasons I came to New York this week.

What I will take away from the event is that individualism is key when it comes to blogging fashion. Hell, I didn’t need to come to New York to work that out but there was something about the uniqueness of the individals up on stage and the point being made that what brands value about bloggers and their audience is something different from traditional media: an engagement that is truly personal and without the baggage of being a recognised news brand or print publication with all the overheads associated with those.

LA-based Photo Blogger Rumi Neely and her rather … Read More »

What’s my line?

Posted on 4th May, by Colin Chapman in Fashion blogging. No Comments

After a recent comment that my blog of late is becoming “too industry”, and needs to get back to being “a bit wilder” I decided to get back to basics and pin my flag to the mast again. In the build up to a General Election where the personal freedoms of the last decade and a half are under threat there has never been a better time to express an individual view.

After a post on E.Tautz and last week’s meet up with Patrick Grant it may be assumed that I’m maturing into a perspective where tailoring is key. But for me what someone like Patrick does is all about a passion for quality and turning things on their head so that ‘establishment’ looks become edgy and cool. What people wear on the street and the concepts and ideas they evoke … Read More »

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