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Bande à part: looking back on a summer trend

Posted on 17th September, by Colin Chapman in Fashion blogging, Menswear pick, Street trends. 2 Comments

I’m aware of what some menswear bloggers think of the whole wrist stacking thing, and whilst I didn’t want to relive high school days either, I liked the summery informality of it. When else might you tie a bit of string round your wrist and it somehow feel significant? I avoided the real summer island tat and instead sent off for a rugged, nautical rope bracelet by American accessories designer Matt Singer. Starting out a dense black, the bracelet apparently fades to a pale blue, like well-worn denim though perhaps it says a lot about the English summer that mine still looks pretty black. The US tradition is to cut off the bracelet on the first day of school, though I’m still far too attached to mine to do that just yet, and a bit of fading would be nice.

You read it here: cropped, turned-up trousers replace the hated tuck

Posted on 26th August, by Colin Chapman in New York, pants, Street trends, trousers. No Comments

Something has to be done about the tucked into boots look. Even as one of the original tuckers I take no responsibility for it. But as young British men continue to dress (literally) like an All Saints shop window dummy, the trend must die. Don’t get me wrong, compared to some of the trouser outrages of recent decades (trailing, frayed boot cut denim anyone?) the slim jean tucked into boot is merely a miscreant. And I’ve already seen the answer: the slim, cropped trouser with a deep turn-up worn with high, laced-up boots. Remarkably, the wonderful Duckie Brown were prescient enough to show this exact look over 2 years ago in their Fall 2010 collection. I’ve already spotted a few scions of the future wearing it on the streets of E2 (cord over brogued boots seems to be popular option). And it’s one solution to how to wear your cropped, rolled trousers now that the weather’s gone parky and showing your ankles isn’t so appealing.

I suggest you stick to classic pant styles: think flat-fronted with side angled front pockets in solid, earthy colours and have a tailor create a generous turn-up for you. And they really don’t have to be bovver boy, drainpipe tight.

Dark wave: surfwear and tropical prints take on Gotham City

Posted on 2nd July, by Colin Chapman in LA menswear shopping, menswear, street fashion, Street trends, travel. 3 Comments

I’m aware that some of my trend pieces are a little esoteric for some tastes (like the last post linking together the random trilogy of Aperol cocktails, Burberry Prorsum and Brooklyn electronica). But this is genuinely how things strike me. Whilst I’m as likely as the next guy to notice glaringly obvious street trends, I get more satisfaction in identifying the broader sweep of where fashions comes from. And if it brings together the holy trinity of dance music, menswear and vibrant world cultures, then hell, I want to know about it. So, hang in there, this one requires another leap of faith.

3 Spring trends: rolled fisherman hats, the satchel, cord shorts

Posted on 4th April, by Colin Chapman in E.Tautz, menswear, Menswear pick, Shorts, street fashion, Street trends. No Comments

Spring is here, usually a cue for the fashion media to turn out every seasonal cliche in the book. I’ve lost patience with such writing. No more hackneyed, Enid Blyton-esque descriptions of whatever that season has to offer, be it mellow autumnal fruitfulness, crisp winter mornings or spring springing. Let’s face it, in the UK at least, seasons aren’t really so dissimilar. Whilst snow in August is unlikely, there’s a general blurring between the four, with a tendency to chill and drear. On that note, some spring trends!

Rolled fisherman hats
Rolled fishermen-esque hats were seen everywhere at the AW 11 shows, sometimes surprisingly so. At E.Tautz, they added a rugged, outdoorsy edge to the ever-haute tailoring. Though none seen were lovelier than the cashmere cable-knit hats by Chauncey at The Showroom Next Door. Despite their prominence in the AW lines, as … Read More »

Spring Menswear Trends: hot off the (freezing) streets of London

Posted on 11th March, by Colin Chapman in Accessories, Street trends. No Comments

A few random Spring trends now that the dust has settled on LFW. Given that London is still in the grips of a seemingly never ending Narnia-like winter, the emphasis is still on warmth rather than Spring flesh flashings.

1. Soft-soled shoes, the kind that Grizzly Adams would wear to sneak up on Gentle Ben, are definitely surfacing on London feet. Sold in locations as diverse as Dover Street Market and American workwear/Americana stores. Those blending plaid, soft skins and crepe with obvious overstitching and all manner of olde/Native American fastenings look best. Quoddy and Yuketen have great options, OiPolloi stocks both brands.

2. Big scarves. Even the most laddish of lads have been seen wearing items verging on shawls recently. It seems that the eternal … Read More »

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