3 Spring trends: rolled fisherman hats, the satchel, cord shorts

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Spring is here, usually a cue for the fashion media to turn out every seasonal cliche in the book. I’ve lost patience with such writing. No more hackneyed, Enid Blyton-esque descriptions of whatever that season has to offer, be it mellow autumnal fruitfulness, crisp winter mornings or spring springing. Let’s face it, in the UK at least, seasons aren’t really so dissimilar. Whilst snow in August is unlikely, there’s a general blurring between the four, with a tendency to chill and drear. On that note, some spring trends!

Rolled fisherman hats
Rolled fishermen-esque hats were seen everywhere at the AW 11 shows, sometimes surprisingly so. At E.Tautz, they added a rugged, outdoorsy edge to the ever-haute tailoring. Though none seen were lovelier than the cashmere cable-knit hats by Chauncey at The Showroom Next Door. Despite their prominence in the AW lines, as so often, the trend has leaked ahead of time, and given our unpredictable weather, there’s no reason why wearing a woolen hat in the English spring should be unseasonal. After all, rolling the hat leaves the ears and neckline bare; often more than enough exposure to the elements for a British climate. Seen here, is a recent Top Man Spring campaign. Take note of the waffle texture and the pairing with militaria.

Image: Top Man

The Satchel
For men, bag shapes and sizes come around and around. Bags as a major fashion item for men are still sufficiently novel for no particular style to settle: tote, backpack, holdall, briefcase, shopper, hunting bag are constantly revolving. The satchel is definitely having a moment now. As mobile technology becomes lighter and more transportable (led by the iPad and MacBook Air) there is less requirement for sturdy luggage of any great size. The satchel fills this gap. And adds a zeitgeist schoolboy touch to carrying stuff around. The Cambridge Satchel Company seem to offer the most classic design, though currently available in neon and other trend-led colours.

Image: Cambridge Satchel Company

Cord shorts
No doubt this will be another year when the subject of men’s shorts are debated: Alexis Petridis will write a piece about how horrible his legs are, and how no-one should bother to wear short trousers or, in fact, wear anything interesting. Meanwhile, the immaculate youth of E2 will bare their slim thighs with a sense of purpose and and an admirable resistance to the persistent chill. Cord shorts started appearing last year. Their great benefit is the ruggedness of the fabric, making them more adaptable to city living and constant temperature changes. As so often, it can take several seasons for a trend to take hold. Again, recently to be seen in a Top Man ad, my corduroy shorts of choice however, were those with manly pockets on the front thigh from L.L Bean’s Signature range last year, sadly discontinued. The grey options here are from Rugby Ralph Lauren, a label apparently launching in London this summer.

On a final note, haircuts seem to be getting shorter too. A welcome hacking off of fey floppiness. Just don’t tell me it’s all about starting afresh for spring or some other seasonal twaddle. The most spring-appropriate thing I can imagine is a refreshing change from the cliches of fashion journalism and the end of useless, floral language.


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