LC:M, AW13: in the wings with Patrick Grant of E.Tautz

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For many of London’s menswear designers, Christmas 2012 will be remembered more for a lot of hard work than traditional festive over-indulgence. In a festive tribute to their renewed efforts today, I’m picking up where I left off as well, with my series of tasters for LC:M, AW13.

Today’s post features a brief chat with Patrick Grant, of E.Tautz, always one of the most anticipated London menswear shows.

Photo of Patrick Grant by Jonathan Daniel Pryce from his recommended 100 Days 100 Beards project and book.

SL: Could you give me a few choice phrases to describe your inspirations for this collection?

PG: Crofters cottages, not hanging out your washing on a Sunday, bad sixties wallpaper, rusty old cars.

SL: Last time we met, you were saying that the longer lead-time raised the risk of you tinkering with the collection and making it more difficult to edit. Has having more time affected what you will show?

PG: Having looked at the drawings and toiles for so long I’ve had moments where I’ve thought, this maybe needs something new, but so far I’ve managed to resist the urge to tinker. And now that the actual clothes are coming in, I’ve got that surge of excitement that you always get when you start to put the looks and the show together.

SL: You’re presenting in the designated BFC show space this time, as opposed to some of the less purpose-built spaces you’ve used: (The Savoy, The Freemason’s Hall etc). How does that feel? Will it be a different kind of presentation?

PG: No, we’ll use the same format, same little chat, but I think the clothes are strong and I’m happy to have a blank canvas and a bigger space to show them in.

SL: Is there one key piece you are particularly proud of in this collection?

PG: The outerwear is all nearly in now and my favourite for sure will be one of the coats. No details, need to wait for the show.

A reminder of E.Tautz AW12.

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