Sharpened Lead joins The Guardian’s fashion bloggers network

Posted on 24th May, by Colin Chapman in menswear. 2 Comments


Back in December I threw my name into a hat with a few other hopeful fashion writers to be considered for The Guardian’s proposed fashion blogging network, their aim being to bring some new voices to their fashion coverage. I’m pleased to announce that I was selected, and the network was officially launched this week.

There are lots of great writers onboard, covering topics from academic studies on dress and clothing culture, to beauty. On the menswear front, I am joined by David of Greyfox blog. David has written a very eloquent post recently, putting forward his hopes and reasons for wanting to be part of The Guardian’s plans. It’s worth a read, and I can only echo his sentiments, my own biggest hope being to be read by more people. The Guardian has had a patchy history with menswear coverage from the great and good (Charlie Porter and Simon Chilvers) to the rather miserable Alexis Petridis days. Thankfully, I feel a new era is beckoning. Whilst I fully expect to be occasionally shot down for supporting designers who push the menswear agenda forward, especially by new readers who are not so convinced by fashion, I hope to encounter more open minds than closed ones.

There may be some duplication between posts here and on The Guardian, until I hit my stride, especially as The Guardian are keen to give a flavour of Sharpened Lead to date to new readers. So, if you have enjoyed my posts here, I hope you will check out The Guardian when my first post launches later today, and I look forward to being able to share more stories, insights and views from my menswear adventures with you from this exciting new platform.



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2 Responses to “Sharpened Lead joins The Guardian’s fashion bloggers network”

  1. Oh just seen this – big congrats! I think this is a fantastic move from the Guardian and I genuinely think it could be a gamechanger. Having C-to-C writers writing for mainstream publications will hopefully cut down on some of the cynical comments that Guardian readers are known for…

    PS, Have you received the YMC sample sale info??!

  2. Thanks Navaz, yes it’s quite exciting and they’ve chosen a really interesting mix of people with different viewpoints. I really hope it changes things too, the Guardian commenters have been a bullying, negative lot in the past, especially re. menswear. I’m hoping my blogger friends in the trenches help me out wih some positive comments from time to time if the trolls appear. And thanks for forwarding the YMC sale info, the last one was a roadblock! Would be great to say hi in person at LC:M if you’re around, C

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