LC:M incoming: exploring inspiration with Lou Dalton

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London Collections: Men is back on Monday, making a rudely early start to the fashion year. Which means that while most of the the nation was sleeping off a holiday hangover, designers have been back at work for some time already, perfecting their menswear collections with barely a Chocolate Orange to compensate their pain.

Taking time out from their final preparations, the creators of some of London’s most coveted menswear gave me insights into what we might see next week. First up is Sharpened Lead staple, Lou Dalton.


SL: What was your inspiration for Lou Dalton AW14?

LD:A raw young farm hand, innocent and bleak, working the land.

SL: Describe the vibe of the collection in five choice words.

LD:SL: Do you have a favorite piece from this collection we should look out for?

LD: A great deal has happened over these last few months, some amazing things and some slightly more challenging… This collection feels very different to those produced so far, without it sounding to much of a cliche I have very much poured “blood, sweat and tears” into this and I just hope it’s paid off..

SL: What music were you listening to in the studio when designing the collection?

LD: It’s been a right old eclectic mix this season, the usual Horse Meat Disco compilations put together by the dear Jim Stanton whilst we work out what tune to go out with for the show, through to a bit of AM by the Arctic Monkeys (“Snap out of it” in particular) and when stressed, Radio 4.

Coming up: Baartmans and Siegel

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