Opening Ceremony x Teva sandals

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Opening Ceremony recently launched a capsule collection with Teva, the brand responsible for the kind of ‘leisure sandals’ worn with socks by American tourists of a certain age, and given similarly-dubious reknown through the style’s popularity with younger backpackers the world over. The Opening Ceremony brand however is unlikely to be affected by such associations, in the promo shots each sandal in the range is paired with a bold choice of sock, declaring war loudly and proudly on unimaginative commenters. Growing up in California, it’s likely that Leon and Lim associate the Teva brand with more practical concerns, like scrambling up valleys and canyons in actual sunshine and the range embraces the practicality of the design at the same time as adding such outrĂ© urban details as gold and silver metallic nylon and ankle straps. My favourite is the “Psyclone” a low-profile design with a black and teal neoprene upper, lacking either metallics or ankle straps, it still looks modern and not hugely dissimilar to Prada’s own sporty sandals.

Every summer it seems, the anti sandals for men brigade crawl out from under their stones to berate the very concept that men should be allowed to air their feet during the warmer months at all, let alone wear socks with their sandals. The sock and sandal combination is, at least to fashion-acclimatised eyes, no longer a story: chunky, nubby cotton socks worn nonchalantly pulled-down add a rustic touch, sleek, thin cotton socks in a contrasting colour or pattern pulled up give a more streamlined look; these are the two options. So many major players in mens’s fashion have demonstrated that socks and sandals work: it’s a modern classic.

This summer I’m expecting that pool sliders, and the kind of plimsolls with conspicuous moulded-rubber soles that are current-season Prada footwear and have been long produced by Palladium are likely to be very popular.







Speaking of Opening Ceremony, I was also dazzled by the surrealist prints on neoprene sweatshirts and plimsolls I spotted at the recent Black Frame press day.





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