Reba Maybury’s Radical People: defying homogeneity

Posted on 8th May, by Colin Chapman in menswear. No Comments

In contrast to the predictably uninspiring outcome of Britain’s 2015 General Election, the release of Reba Maybury’s Radical People last night features an uplifting roll-call of some of the most thought-provoking artists and original voices ever to be featured in one publication, from body artists Ron Athey and Franko B, to original Anarchist Punk icons Steve Ignorant, GBH and Rubella Ballet, gay activist Peter Tatchell and iconic subcultural muse Princess Julia. The fact that all contributors are over 50, is both a refreshing change from our current youth-obsessed, social media-led world and a deliberate mark in the sand, asking an open question of who the next generation of dissenting voices might be. Kim Gordon’s recent biography Girl In a Band, lamenting the loss of New York as an incubator for artistic expression after decades of gentrification, evokes a similar sense of ‘what happens next’? Thankfully a younger generation has taken up these questions for themselves, while showing reverence for cultural illuminati of generations (just) past. Grab your copy now, Radical People is limited to 500 copies.


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