E.Tautz Postcard Project and a NYC trunk display

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Given how excited I was to get involved in the E.Tautz Postcard Project, I’ve been a little remiss in announcing it here on the blog (both Style Salvage and Nowness were much quicker off the mark). When I met Patrick Grant a few months back between collections, he mentioned that not only was the E.Tautz digital space being relaunched but that he was planning a special project whereby style commentators would be invited to send in postcards, preferably of the tactile variety, but with the purpose of being emailed to subscribers to the site with their views on style – and he invited me to take part. I was instantly attracted to the idea, being a fan of vintage photography and a lover of correspondence of all types. It brought to mind thoughts of Mail Art and the fun and danger that counter cultural types such as Genesis P. Orridge, William S. Burroughs and Joe Orton had with things you can post in their respective times.

Of course with a brand as refined as E.Tautz, a certain elegance is required over sheer bloody minded anarchy and my mind turned immediately to some of the epigrams I’ve been storing up from the late, great Quentin Crisp who is something of an icon for me. So I set to with my digital Pritt Stick and felt tip pens and sent over a handful of postcards, a mixture of vintage finds, Crispisms and my boyfriend’s photography. I’m therefore delighted that the site and the project are now live, mine was the very first one featured (a Crisp quote) and that a second submission has joined the pack (the fin de siecle Lisbon aesthete ‘Tom’/my quote about eccentricity).

I really can’t wait to see what E.Tautz will be presenting in the upcoming new season presentation and love the fact that Patrick has launched such an idiosyncratic project here. Go ahead and subscribe, I’m sure there will be some surprises and insights from style commentators and makers.

As an exciting footnote, I learned this week (from the @Etautz Twitter feed – follow follow!) that the House of Tautz will be ‘loading up the tin trunk and boarding the steamer destination Barneys NYC with some rare AW10 fayre for @FNOnyc’. As a lover of New York, of fine clothing and a believer in the romance of travel, I’m really pleased that I will be able to experience this ‘trunk display’ at firsthand. Sadly, I won’t be boarding a steamer but a shoddy, unmentionable airline to reach the metropolis but will be very glad to take my support of all things E.Tautz transatlantic.

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