New York Report I: Evolving influence, the IFB conference

Posted on 11th September, by Colin Chapman in Fashion blogging. No Comments

A few initial thoughts about the IFB conference, Evolving Influence which was one of the reasons I came to New York this week.

What I will take away from the event is that individualism is key when it comes to blogging fashion. Hell, I didn’t need to come to New York to work that out but there was something about the uniqueness of the individals up on stage and the point being made that what brands value about bloggers and their audience is something different from traditional media: an engagement that is truly personal and without the baggage of being a recognised news brand or print publication with all the overheads associated with those.

LA-based Photo Blogger Rumi Neely and her rather photogenic photographer boyfriend ‘Colin’

It also made me value the potential commodity of what I hope to share with people here: a fascination with beautiful clothing, the people who wear it and the rich network of culture that surrounds and influences what we wear.

I don’t want to say much more for now, other than the above can be taken as the starting point for a new statement of intent. Watch this space.

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