Part of an ongoing collaboration with photographer Daniel O’Connell, Last of the English Roses was shot in my (then) back garden in Clapton, among the actual blousy, overblown blooms referred to in our chosen title. My styling approach with Daniel involves joining the dots between iconic menswear styles, drawn from a range of subcultures, with the newest, most interesting faces in the industry.  This  editorial shoot featured Mancunian circus arts student/it-can-only-be-a-matter-of-time-till-he’s-a-rockstar Felix.  Rocking up to the shoot in combat boots with a bleached skinhead and earring, Felix’s sense of personal style was perfect for the post-punk theme I’d conjured up. Notable pieces included this amazing tartan Crombie by  Gloverall, intarsia knitwear from Italian brand Barena and pieces from London’s own Lou Dalton, Daniel W. Fletcher and YMC among others. Given the current lockdown scenario It’s hard not to feel wistful for such playful, creative afternoons of shooting but the pictures give me hope of better times to come.

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