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Dark wave: surfwear and tropical prints take on Gotham City

Posted on 2nd July, by Colin Chapman in LA menswear shopping, menswear, street fashion, Street trends, travel. 3 Comments

I’m aware that some of my trend pieces are a little esoteric for some tastes (like the last post linking together the random trilogy of Aperol cocktails, Burberry Prorsum and Brooklyn electronica). But this is genuinely how things strike me. Whilst I’m as likely as the next guy to notice glaringly obvious street trends, I get more satisfaction in identifying the broader sweep of where fashions comes from. And if it brings together the holy trinity of dance music, menswear and vibrant world cultures, then hell, I want to know about it. So, hang in there, this one requires another leap of faith.

Film & fashion: Insouciant, moi? Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine

Posted on 26th January, by Colin Chapman in Film and fashion. No Comments

I like to think I helped popularise use of the word ‘insouciant’. In fashion circles, at least. I picked it up from my interest and studies in film history, where it has typically been used to describe the kind of ‘not acting whilst acting’ of such slouching, shrugging male archetypes as James Dean. I don’t think it was used much in fashion before a couple of years ago, but as with many things, a retweet here, a blogpost or comment there and ‘insouciance’ is everywhere. The word is now mostly in the bargain bin marked, ‘overused’, yet marked for a future revival.

Yet, whilst watching Blue Valentine last night, the startling indie movie now nominated for 2 Oscars, there are few words that could better describe Ryan Gosling’s visual appeal asĀ  bluecollar antihero Dean. … Read More »

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