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Lookbook review: Peter Jensen’s Arne Jacobsen-inspired menswear

Posted on 8th May, by Colin Chapman in Collection review, menswear. 1 Comment

Fashion and furniture aren’t usually spoken about in the same breath,  which is surprising as an interest in clothing and accessories often translates into the priorities you have for your living space. Just think about photographer Todd Selby‘s excursions into the stylish homes of global creatives, Backyard Bill‘s glimpses into the enviable living spots of Brooklyn’s fashion types and what they both tell us about how those people live now. Half a century ago, the focus was on then modern designers like Charles and Ray Eames as exemplars of a stylish way of living. Picking up this theme, London-based designer Peter Jensen has taken inspiration from fellow Dane, architect and designer Arne Jacobsen, he of the classic Egg, Swan and … Read More »

Under post #2: taking on the ‘final frontier’ of menswear

Posted on 20th November, by Colin Chapman in Designer profiles, Underwear. No Comments

I promised a follow-up post about the Under brand once I’d gotten my hands on some pieces and here it is. The photographs were taken during a recent weekend break for my birthday in Norfolk. I found the luxurious though rugged setting of a converted barn near Blakeney point was the perfect setting to take a closer look at the underwear pieces. If there’s one thing that Under’s approach to underwear has impressed me with, it’s the use of details such as cloth-covered buttons, more usually associated with tailoring that makes the items seem more substantial and like something to really invest in. It’s also recommended attire if The Selby or Backyard Bill ever come round for an ‘at home’ feature, so you can live out that Klondike-goldminer-meets-Brooklynite zeitgeist in the poshest pants around.

If you can’t resist and want to upgrade your underwear right please get in touch here (with Under in the subject title) or via Twitter and I’ll supply you with an exclusive discount code for the Under brand.

Finally, to give you more on an insight into the brand, here is a Q&A I recently completed with brand owner Kieron Hurley.

What’s my line?

Posted on 4th May, by Colin Chapman in Fashion blogging. No Comments

After a recent comment that my blog of late is becoming “too industry”, and needs to get back to being “a bit wilder” I decided to get back to basics and pin my flag to the mast again. In the build up to a General Election where the personal freedoms of the last decade and a half are under threat there has never been a better time to express an individual view.

After a post on E.Tautz and last week’s meet up with Patrick Grant it may be assumed that I’m maturing into a perspective where tailoring is key. But for me what someone like Patrick does is all about a passion for quality and turning things on their head so that ‘establishment’ looks become edgy and cool. What people wear on the street and the concepts and ideas they evoke … Read More »

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