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Go to hell: the evolution of the printed trouser trend

Posted on 21st June, by Colin Chapman in London Collections: Men. No Comments

The trend for loud printed trousers emerging on the street and in presentations, is being tipped in the fashion media as being the next big trend to break. As ever with fashion, there has been a snowball effect with this one, albeit a very colourful snowball. And given the seasonal nature of fashion, there’s no obvious place to go for printed pants yet, as those appearing in designer collections being previewed now won’t be available until next spring.

Whilst everyone seems to be crediting Burberry Prorsum‘s prescience in producing this summer’s Ikat trouser, I think the credit is more deservedly due to Prada for opening the flood gates to really LOUD trousers. Prada SS12 features some really acid bright, floral, golf inspired pants – designed to give any minimalist severe anxiety attacks. By the time I’d picked up … Read More »

Ending 2011 on a high note: 5 picks for a winter sun holiday

Posted on 31st December, by Colin Chapman in travel. No Comments

It’s been a while. Somewhere between the excitement of London and New York fashion weeks and the slow grind up to the Christmas season, I lost the urge to post. But with the old year about to be kicked aside and a sunny holiday to plan for, I’m feeling very much revitalised and excited about a whole new season and the prospect of seeing some colour again. Yes, I’m off to Thailand for some much needed beach time – yoga, light, cleansing food and no doubt some rooting around for unusual finds during our final weekend in Bangkok.

Details: kilties

Posted on 21st July, by Colin Chapman in Prada, Shoes. 3 Comments

Given that I hate Golf about as much as I hate anything you may be surprised to hear my enthusiasm for the particular detail, as surfaced via Prada‘s recent SS12 catwalk show. Prada‘s “Golfwear”: loud print cocktail trousers and shoes bearing a strip of fringed leather known in America as a “kiltie” (as opposed to a tassel) were deemed one of the more outre of the season’s menswear looks. Personally, I’m enthralled by the opportunity to wear colour, print and any option to focus on a particular detail on a shoe makes this footwear addict very happy indeed. Of course, in a year’s time there’s every chance that we’ll be stepping out looking more Ronnie Corbett than Prada model and feeling a bit silly with it, but I have faith in Miuccia’s vision.

Zeitgeist moment: The taste of bitter orange

Posted on 26th June, by Colin Chapman in Burberry Prorsum, menswear. No Comments

Sometimes it just so happens, that cultural trends coalesce around a central defining thing: a colour, a taste, a word, a mental image. And so it is with the blood orange, that exotic, otherworldly fruit, whose name at least in English, binds together the sensual delights of citrus fruit with the altogether darker sense of the stuff that flows in our veins. The negroni I had at Pollen Street Social Room a few weeks ago, started this chain of thoughts, as a ball of delicate blood orange sorbet melted slowly into bitter Aperol. Perfect! The emergence of Dev Hynes in new guise as Blood Orange and the release of the astounding Sutphin Boulevard single being the next link. The YouTube video of the track reveals it’s inspiration as a heartfelt paen to one of the ‘mothers’ of the original New York vogueing/drag ball houses; how bittersweet!

Film & fashion: Insouciant, moi? Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine

Posted on 26th January, by Colin Chapman in Film and fashion. No Comments

I like to think I helped popularise use of the word ‘insouciant’. In fashion circles, at least. I picked it up from my interest and studies in film history, where it has typically been used to describe the kind of ‘not acting whilst acting’ of such slouching, shrugging male archetypes as James Dean. I don’t think it was used much in fashion before a couple of years ago, but as with many things, a retweet here, a blogpost or comment there and ‘insouciance’ is everywhere. The word is now mostly in the bargain bin marked, ‘overused’, yet marked for a future revival.

Yet, whilst watching Blue Valentine last night, the startling indie movie now nominated for 2 Oscars, there are few words that could better describe Ryan Gosling’s visual appeal as  bluecollar antihero Dean. … Read More »

AW11 Menswear live stream reviews #1: Burberry Prorsum

Posted on 17th January, by Colin Chapman in menswear. No Comments

I’ve had a post in the wings recently with the portentous title of ‘Hopes for Menswear 2011′ as well as some more fluid ideas for trend/detail pieces. What was really on my mind was a desire to see something genuinely modern if not futuristic after a few years of obsession with ‘heritage’. And curiously, Christopher Bailey’s collection for AW11 streamed on Saturday, brought many of these tendencies together in one show. I’ve heard rumbles that this collection wasn’t brilliantly received and if that’s the case I’m happy to take my corner for what I see as a glorious combination of classic details given a vigorous, modern spin by means of a clever colour palette and some interesting materials.

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