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Matthew Miller AW14: 5 things I loved about The Politics of Me

Posted on 11th January, by Colin Chapman in menswear. No Comments

In terms of sheer desirability, Matthew Miller‘s show on Tuesday was a standout of LC:M this season for me. Minimal shapes, great fabrications and head to toe somber colours underpinned by anarchic intentions made the collection irresistable. Added to that, the visceral excitement of hearing James Murphy’s remix of David Bowie’s Love is Lost, with it’s halting hand claps intro booming out over the sound system at the venue sent chills that were definitely multiplying as the androgynous, rebellious looks strode out.

Taking the notion of personal politics to heart, here are 5 things I particularly loved about this collection.

1. The gorgeous, textured fabrics inviting the touch as well as the eye, emphasised the clean shapes of the clothing against the body.
2.┬áThe somber yet natural note of forest green, perfected in the biker … Read More »

Menswear icon of the moment #3: Wolfram

Posted on 20th May, by Colin Chapman in David Bowie, Menswear icons, Wolfram. No Comments

A chance sighting of David Bowie on the cover of 100 Years of Menswear got me thinking about how safe and unchallenging menswear has become in recent years. In all the rush to put on outdoorsy, woodsman gear or indeed tread the narrow path of irony around classic preppy looks, we’ve lost the sense of anything vaguely outrageous or challenging. Time was when a stylish man around town might dye his hair bright orange, wear a Dijon mustard yellow suit and wouldn’t be seen dead without a lick of eyeliner. We’ve become very gender specific, and whilst, as a gay man especially, I can appreciate all the coded details of classic mens clothing, there has to be more of a kick to be had in dressing up than in wearing your trousers a bit shorter, and buying your deckshoes a tone or two brighter. Which is where Wolfram comes in. The Vienna-NY based DJ and live performer, has just the right amount of rockstar swagger to personify what I’m talking about, a shift in attitude towards something more individual than bland ‘minimalism’ or preppy pastiche.

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