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New York Report II: Fashion’s Night Out 10 Sept 2010

Posted on 11th September, by Colin Chapman in Fashion blogging, menswear, New York. No Comments

New York was crazy last night! Even if you chose to stay in your hotel room and live vicariously through the Twitter/blogger spheres (which my exhausted feet tell me I didn’t) the sheer range of events and the numbers of people involved would be truly staggering. From Iggy Pop on stage at the POP (geddit?) party at Don Hill’s, to Karen Elson at Balenciaga to the roadblocked Opening Ceremony French-themed fleamarket at the Ace hotel and various downtown block parties, Manhattan was gridlocked with fashion people schlepping from hotspot to hotspot across the island.

Outside the Ace hotel, Opening Ceremony

My personal experience was a mix of hits and misses: next year I will come much more prepared with a strict schedule that doesn’t rely so much on scarce taxis.

Highlight for me was the Opening Ceremony event at the … Read More »

E.Tautz Postcard Project and a NYC trunk display

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Given how excited I was to get involved in the E.Tautz Postcard Project, I’ve been a little amiss in announcing it here on the blog. When I met Patrick Grant a few months back between collections, he mentioned that not only was the E.Tautz site being relaunched but that he was planning a special project whereby style commentators would be invited to send in postcards, preferably of the tactile variety, but with the purpose of being emailed to subscribers to the site – and invited me to take part. I was instantly attracted to the idea, being a fan of vintage photography and a lover of correspondence of all types. It brought to mind thoughts of Mail Art and the fun and danger that counter cultural types such as Genesis P. Orridge, William S. Burroughs and Joe Orton had with things you can post in their respective times.

Evolving Influence – Fashion bloggers big day (and night) out, New York City 9 Sept 2010

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I’m very pleased and excited to be attending the Independent Fashion Bloggers event, Evolving Influence in New York in a few days time.

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