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Holdall & Co: fine English folios for town and country

Posted on 24th April, by Colin Chapman in Accessories, Luggage, menswear. No Comments

Bags are one of the things I covet most, along with shoes. Whilst a shirt or trousers can eventually become mostly functional, there’s something more enduring about the pleasure of having something fancy to cart your stuff around in, as with owning a great pair of shoes. Maybe it’s also the likelihood they’ll be constructed from a fine hide that makes them the items I’m most likely to catch myself admiring whenever a reflection presents itself. The folio I recently reviewed for Holdall & Co definitely invoked my enthusiasm for fine leather goods (perhaps ironically, having just turned vegetarian and, aspirationally, vegan). Raimonda Navickaite scoured the UK looking for quality leather and manufacturers to produce her line of folio cases and the research shows. The deep red of the folio case (the smaller of two folios available) and the sturdy feel of the leather suggests it will age to a perfect, infinitely personal patina with time.

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