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Street trend: jacquard sweaters

Posted on 15th July, by Colin Chapman in Knitwear, menswear, wool. 1 Comment

The word I really want to use is jacquard. One of those strange fashion words I am familiar with, probably having spent too much time browsing mail order catalogues and reading my mum’s magazines as a child, it has a sense of naff midle-Englishness about it, a bit like an old sit com. BouclĂ© is a similar word, as is the colour fawn.

But I digress from the point of this post; I spotted a young man yesterday wearing the most beautiful sweater as he stood before me in the queue at the local organic store. With a vibrant pattern of reds, oranges, rusts and deep blues and a highly textured knitted texture, what was most enviable about it was that it was the perfect cover up for a summer evening. The slightly open weave allowed for breeze whilst the weight and quality of the knit – I’d guess at a combination of cotton and silk – suggested warmth but without any sense of heaviness, after all he was wearing shorts and deck shoes so this was no winter warmer. And as I gazed enviously at his knit I realised that I’d seen a number of sweaters with similar patterned qualities around recently. To my mind this means a street trend.

I Am Love – Tilda’s film defines the colours of summer

Posted on 11th April, by Colin Chapman in Androgeny, Film and fashion. 4 Comments

I saw I Am Love at one of it’s first screenings in the UK on Friday. And was literally blown away, so much so that Dalston actually looked inspiring on the walk home. Looking at stills from the movie sends a shiver up my spine. I’ve long been a fan of Miss Swinton, though at times I find her icy hauteur equally terrifying and beautiful. Not so here, where inner fragility is clear, although there’s also a strength of character that makes her Russian trophy wife a compelling heroine. Visually the film is stunning: acid bright colours dazzle (Swinton has described it as ‘Visconti on acid’), whilst the contrasting environments of sunny Liguria and a snow-bound Milan are celebrated and uncovered. Yellow predominates, from Tilda’s fabulous egg-yolk hair colour through shades of jonquil and chartreuse and … Read More »

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