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London College of Fashion: BA Show 2015

Posted on 8th June, by Colin Chapman in menswear. No Comments

London College of Fashion’s BA graduation show places a unique emphasis on collaboration, which as anyone who works in the fashion business will know, is an essential part of the process of creating a real, grown-up collection as a professional designer. Thus, graduating students like Menswear designer Marianne Tse-Laurence, (BA Fashion: Design and Development) and knitwear specialist Emily Grieves, (BA Fashion Textiles: Knitwear) get to produce a runway collection together, in this case combining menswear shapes with the applied art of knitted textiles. Techniques such as embroidery, knitting in its many forms and permutations, jewellery, shoemaking and millinery are showcased in a really distinctive way, being as much a focus of the runway show as the overall concept and silhouettes of the garments themselves (where something as prosaic as ‘garments’ even exist). While this makes for a bewildering complexity of … Read More »

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