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Blazer Glory

Posted on 20th May, by Colin Chapman in Blazers, menswear. No Comments

I love a fashion story, especially one with a happy ending, and God willing, this one will have. I’ve been posting about my interest in blazers a lot lately. Admired at E.Tautz, contemplated at Reiss, but it wasn’t until last weekend that my interest saw some results. A brief visit to Liberty ended up with me purchasing a navy blue APC blazer, or was it? I’ve been doing my research and it turns out I didn’t buy a blazer at all but a sports jacket. Here’s the story line: I turn up to Liberty for a second, confirmatory visit to the APC jacket. I try on, friend oohs and ahs about the fit, the fabric and the lovely, inky shade of navy blue. But whilst I’m being fitted to have the sleeves adjusted for that all-important shirt … Read More »

5 picks for a mercurial British summer

Posted on 11th May, by Colin Chapman in menswear, Menswear pick, pants, Shoes, sweatshirts, T Shirts, trousers. No Comments

With the British summer proving to be as unpredictable as the will-they-won’t-they negotiations that just ended at No. 10, its best to plan for everything and be a man for all seasons. Here are some current favourites from what’s in stores right now. As a new touch, each pick is partnered with suggested reading, viewing or listening. It’s all about the inspiration, right?

There’s a whole lot of grey marl going on out there (unfortunately a bit too much of it in Essex). But I’ve always been a fan of the plain sweatshirt, especially when the shape is right. When you just want a really good look and to stay warm, you can’t go wrong. Plain clothing can also be a very stylish approach to wearing colour, such as a strong red sweatshirt paired with quality blue denim like Read More »

What’s my line?

Posted on 4th May, by Colin Chapman in Fashion blogging. No Comments

After a recent comment that my blog of late is becoming “too industry”, and needs to get back to being “a bit wilder” I decided to get back to basics and pin my flag to the mast again. In the build up to a General Election where the personal freedoms of the last decade and a half are under threat there has never been a better time to express an individual view.

After a post on E.Tautz and last week’s meet up with Patrick Grant it may be assumed that I’m maturing into a perspective where tailoring is key. But for me what someone like Patrick does is all about a passion for quality and turning things on their head so that ‘establishment’ looks become edgy and cool. What people wear on the street and the concepts and ideas they evoke … Read More »

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