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LC:M in review: Installations and Performance at the London Menswear Shows

Posted on 15th January, by Colin Chapman in London Collections: Men, menswear. No Comments

In the midst of reviewing the LC:M shows, especially going through the thousands of photos on my hard drive, certain themes start to emerge. Some trends, yes, but also ways of thinking about the visual experience of being there. So, alongside analysis of shows I particularly enjoyed, I’ve decided to share with you a series of primarily visual scrapbooks from the latest Collections in London.

My first theme is Installations and Performance. Since London’s Menswear Day evolved into a fully fledged Week one thing has remained clear: London really shines in terms of how men’s fashion is presented at installations and in more performance-driven shows. Most people are familiar with the idea of a runway show and backstage footage is now a staple in the media. It also doesn’t take much imagination to envisage what happens at a fashion trade show: … Read More »

Milan, AW11 Menswear live stream reviews #2: Prada

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In light of subsequent shows such as Burberry Prorsum, where colour itself was a theme, Prada’s menswear AW 2011 collection was seemingly a subdued affair. The first pieces out were black suiting, which though forward looking in cut (wide and boxy over slim cut trousers as we’ve since since at Burberry) were restrained. Of course, as the show progressed, the usual Italian genius for colour revealed itself, notably in the combination of burgundy and black.

Prada SS11: Milanesi in platforms

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Part II in my reviews of recently streamed menswear shows is Prada SS11. I have to say watching it again has only added to my excitement about the phenomenon that is mens fashion right now, and for me it surpassed the Jil Sander show as I will actually be buying items from the Prada collection. Everything about this show is genius. The soundtrack has lots of resonance for me – a genius mashup of Bela Lugosi’s Dead by Bauhaus with Jeanne Moreau’s vocal from the soundtrack of the film Querelle (both seminal pieces of media from my youth!).

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