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Shoes for spring: suede and red rubber

Posted on 21st March, by Colin Chapman in Shoes. 1 Comment

I’ve had a thing about shoes with coloured rubber soles for some time now.  I think it started with some military-esque khaki canvas laceups with solid red rubber soles from YMC. I didn’t buy them but was intrigued by the combination of colour, assumed comfort and the Americana-ness of them. Since then, Fantastic Man suggested suede bucks on one of their daily recommends, and LL Bean subsequently sold out of red-soled bucks before I could have them sent over via my best American girlfriend.

At the top of the range there is New Yorker Mark McNairy’s brilliantly named Red Brick Soul collaborations with the cream of British shoe manufacturers (see pic below). Ironically though, they seem to be only on sale from the most exclusive boutiques overseas.  They might … Read More »

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