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Fashion book news: SOON IS NOW TheInstaPaper – #edit2 and Yohji’s 10 Years of Y-3

Posted on 21st November, by Colin Chapman in Book releases, menswear. 1 Comment

Fashion and social media have an intimate relationship: from bloggers storming the front row at fashion shows, to taste influencers being sponsored by premier league brands, to designers documenting their design processes through the new medium of instantly-shared
photography journals.

Launching this week the very particularly-titled SOON IS NOW TheInstaPaper-#edit2 is a publication that aims to bridge the gap between traditional and digital media working with fifteen artists who are engaged in documenting their world through instant photography. Included in the fifteen are Humberto Leon from the talent-sourcing New York based global boutique Opening Ceremony and London artist and ‘contemporary shaman’ Matthew Stone, whose work regularly features in high-end fashion publications such as GQ Style.

The book is based entirely on Instagram photos, documenting the “instant” visual movement by turning it … Read More »

Yohji Yamamoto at LN-CC: music for runways

Posted on 23rd September, by Colin Chapman in Collection review, Designer profiles, menswear. No Comments

A big part of the experience of attending fashion shows is the music. Sometimes it’s because the choice is so unexpected and brilliant (like Marc Jacobs using the theme music to Jaws at his latest women’s show for example) or because a whole genre or era emerges as the soundtrack to an entire week of shows in a city (hip hop at the recent men’s shows in New York, post punk and early rave at the most recent LC:M). Fashion shows are fleeting, despite the huge number of people involved, the sets, the lighting and a cast of beautiful models, it’s the music that brings it all together.

Records of these rarified occasions do exist though, and in an attempt to open up one such archive, LN-CC, (Late Night Chameleon Cafe), the unique online store with a … Read More »

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